Screen Time Rewards

Celebrate good behavior with online time. You can reward your kids with more screen time or a later bedtime, at the touch of a button.

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Why Rewards Matter

Consequences and rewards go hand in hand when it comes to creating structure for your kids. They learn from both. Circle’s Rewards feature is a part of our parental controls solution that encourages your kids to do more of the things you want them to do.

Rather than handing over sugary treats to motivate your kids to clean their room or get an A on their spelling test, Circle’s Rewards gives you an even more enticing option—more time online.

If your daughter cleans her room without being asked, why not encourage that with a reward? You can grant her extra online time as a first step towards creating a reward system that works. Rewards will help motivate her to do it again next time without being asked.

Benefits of Rewards

Everyone can appreciate a little extra recognition...even kids. The CDC says that rewards can actually help increase your kids' self-esteem, improve your relationship with them, and ultimately, encourage good behavior. If there’s an opportunity to improve on any of those things, it’s a win in our book.

How Rewards help you (and your kids)

  • Celebrate successes.

  • Encourage independence.

  • Establish expectations.

  • Build self confidence.

Success is always more exciting when you have someone to share it with. If your son shares news that he’s excelling at math in school, and you know he loves online video games, reward him with an extra 30 minutes of Fortnite in his Time Limits.

When your daughter decides to get her homework done after school on her own, without being asked, you can reward her independence with a later Bedtime.

Creating positive reinforcement will help cement the good behavior in your kids’ minds.

Here’s How Circle’s Rewards Works

Here’s How Circle’s Rewards Works

Are your kids killing it this week? Maybe it’s time to dole out some sugar-free rewards to make sure that good behavior doesn’t go unnoticed. Here’s how.

Giving out Rewards

Handing out Rewards to your kids is simple. Start by selecting the family member you want to reward. Then, tap the star icon to the right of their profile picture. Next, select “Extend Time Limits” “Disable Focus Times” or “Late Bedtime.” We’ll learn more about those in the next section.

Changing Rewards

If you need to change or remove a reward, that’s easy too. Select the family member you want to edit a Reward for. Then, tap the star icon to the right of the profile picture. Choose “Edit Existing Rewards” at the bottom of the screen. You can tap the Reward to edit the entry, or swipe left on the Reward to reveal the delete option.

Whether your kids deserve a reward or you need to take away privileges, Rewards are easy to switch up.

What the Circle Rewards Can Do for You

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What the Circle Rewards Can Do for You

Each day offers a new opportunity to encourage your kids to be their best selves, because Rewards reset each day. They’re only available on the day you hand them out and expire at the beginning of the following day. You can reward your kids in three different ways.

1. Extend Time Limit today

In order to use this reward, you’ll need to have at least one Time Limit set up. Tap this option to edit any Time Limit set for the day, whether it be the daily total Time Limit or just one for an app or category.

For instance, maybe your kid has plenty of time left in their daily total Time Limit, but they already used up their Fortnite Time Limit. You can adjust that Time Limit just for the current day.

2. Late Bedtime tonight

In order to use this reward, you’ll need to have a Bedtime already set. You might use this reward if your kids’ school has a late start tomorrow, or maybe even the day off. Want to make an adjustment to allow them to stay up later tonight? Just select a new Bedtime for tonight, and their original Bedtime will kick back in tomorrow.

3. Disable Focus Times today

In order to use this reward, you’ll need to have at least one Focus Time set for the day. Let’s say your kid finished their chores way ahead of time, so the Focus Time that you have set for this afternoon doesn't make sense anymore, you can select any Focus Time that you'd like to disable for the day.

Kids love their devices. So when they begin to see screen time as a reward, everyone wins!

Circle’s Rewards Feature Helps Keep Kids Motivated

We use Circle to control our kids' Internet and gaming schedules. It's a great way to give rewards for chores or good grades. Saves me a lot of yelling!

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