Circle Roundup: Volume 1
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Circle Roundup: Volume 1

Parenting in the digital age takes an online village. Here are some stories seen ‘round the web on juggling family and tech—just for you.


A food pyramid for kids’ media consumption Learn when kids can safely indulge in tech or go on a digital diet (hint: bedtime). Wired

To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more The World Health Organization announces screen time guidelines for kids under 5. WHO


How to protect sleep, attention and family relationships New research from Common Sense Media shows how our relationship with our phones impacts our relationships with our family. Read more for tips on breaking the tech habits you don’t feel good about. Common Sense Media

Your kids think you’re addicted to your phone The Common Sense Media research above finds that four in 10 teenagers think their parents have a digital addiction. The researchers behind the survey share their insights on screen time and family dynamics. NY Times

Screen time, Diane Sawyer reporting Diane Sawyer investigates the state of screen time in the U.S. and talks to researchers, families, teachers and tech insiders. ABC

And from Sawyer’s interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook: “We’ve never had a goal for you to use your iPhone a lot.” ABC News

Social media has limited effects on teenage life satisfaction Some good news: A new study from the University of Oxford finds that social media has little impact on a teen’s outlook on life. Science Daily


Fortnite changing the game Worry about kids going Fortnite crazy this summer? Dr. Sue Varma weighs in on setting boundaries and giving kids healthy choices that are also fun (rock climbing, anyone?). CBS This Morning


New study links excessive screen time to ADHD in kids—and Circle Media Labs may provide a solution Circle’s CEO Andrew Olson talks to People magazine about how devices like Circle can help parents manage excessive screen time at home. People

How can you stop your kids viewing harmful web content? BBC explores ways to protect your kids from scary or age-inappropriate content online (with a shout-out for Circle). BBC

We’re more excited for these 37 new family products than we are for summer (kinda) PopSugar’s list of favorite new family products includes #11 Circle Home Plus! PopSugar


My teens don't use social media, but even they can't escape the pressure of perfectionism News anchor and mom of two Kate Snow writes about the pressure her teens face in an always-on world. USA Today

Should kids be social media influencers? The New York Times asks students 13 and older to share their thoughts on a recent article about bringing up kids on the YouTube and Instagram stage. NY Times

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