Meet the New Circle Home Plus: Faster, Easier, Smarter Parental Controls
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Meet the New Circle Home Plus: Faster, Easier, Smarter Parental Controls

The new Circle Home Plus is faster, smarter and the easiest way to manage your family’s devices, now from anywhere

At Circle, we’re always looking for ways to help families balance their digital life, in and outside the home. That’s why we’ve introduced Circle Home Plus, the most comprehensive parental controls technology to help parents set screen time limits and filter online content on their kids’ (and their own) devices from anywhere.

So, what’s new about Circle Home Plus? Lots. Circle Home Plus is faster (a full Gigabit ethernet for those who speak geek), cloud-capable (no more backing up, high five!) and our app is now password-protected. With the addition of our new Circle App, we’ve also made it possible to manage your family’s devices from anywhere. That’s right. You can manage your kid’s phone while they are at school, a friend's house, practice- you name it.

Circle Home Plus is still chock-full of your favorite features, like Filters, Bedtimes and Rewards, and we’ve added more perks. We’ve expanded our router compatibility by adding the new “Compatibility Mode” option. And we’ve added a Location feature so you can now send a location request to your child’s Android or iOS device with a single tap for your peace of mind.

Bonus: Circle Home Plus is simple to set up so you can quickly get started on your family’s digital balance plan. Simply download our new app onto your phone to set up your admin account, then install on any mobile devices you’d like to manage on the go. As always, there is no need to download the app onto all of your Wi-Fi-connected devices—tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs—just the mobile ones you want to manage on the go. At home, you can simply manage those from your phone.

Circle Home Plus comes with a year of * Premium membership for extras like setting Bedtimes, Time Limits and more. Both Premium and Basic membership options offer Filters and your usage history for all of your family’s devices.

Circle Home Plus works with the Circle App for those ready to upgrade today or new to the whole parental controls world. #welcome

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Purchase includes 1-year membership with access to all premium features. $9.99/month after first year.

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