'Cause the internet won’t block itself

Block and protect. You decide what is and isn’t allowed. Circle backs you up. Unseemly websites? Check. Unfamiliar apps? Check. Addictive video games? Check.


Choose appropriate (or block inappropriate) content by age. Customize settings to filter for individual family members and then apply to social media, videos, and games for both apps and websites.

Now, I can limit my kids’ time on screen and control access on every device.


Time Limits

Limit the amount of time your kids can spend on individual sites or platforms, like Instagram or Fortnite. You can also set limits for categories like games, social media, or news. Kids are notified (or they can always check) when time is running low.

Pause the Internet®

Make the internet stop, for every family member (or just one). Tap Pause when it’s time to get going on homework, or if someone hasn’t cleaned their room. Hit unpause when you’re good to go.

Circle Home Plus

Limit screen time and block content on iPhones, Chromebooks, Android devices, and more. Includes a 1-year subscription with access to all features.


Manage Circle from any iOS or Android device.

Manage Circle from any iOS or Android device.

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